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Here is a bonus podcast of a half hour Solstice yoga nidra practice to soothe you during the holiday season, or any time of the year. This is a practice of setting deep intention, bringing in a new way of being with the returning Light and letting go of what no longer serves us with the receding Darkness...

I offer my deepest apologies as I have been blissfully occupied with much teaching and co-creation of mystical spaces and transformational  gatherings and haven't had even a moment to get on the laptop and officially release this to you. As my path continues to unfold it looks as if this might not be an uncommon occurrence, so if you are following this podcast, please know that you can go to my archive page at http://wayoftheyogi.podbean.com/

Each episode is published just after recording and though you won't have the written material you will be able to listen in. Thank you for understanding!
This week we dove deeper into the Shiva Tandava Stotram and explored the story of Shivaś first wife Sati and her father Daksha and what happens through Daksha's attachment to outcome.
From our hearts to yours, please enjoy!

jaṭā ṭavī galajjala pravāha pāvitasthale

gale valambya lambitāṃ bhujaṅga tuṅga mālikām |

ḍamaḍ ḍamaḍ ḍamaḍ ḍaman ninādavaḍ ḍamar vayaṃ

cakāra caṇḍa tānḍavaṃ tanotu naḥ śivaḥ śivam || 1 ||


jaṭā kaṭāha sambhrama bhraman nilimpa nirjharī-

-vilola vīci vallarī virāja māna mūrdhani |

dhagad dhagad dhagajjvalal lalāṭa paṭṭa pāvake

kiśora candra śekhare ratiḥ pratikṣaṇaṃ mama || 2 ||


dharā dharendra nandinī vilāsa bandhu bandhura

sphurad diganta santati pramoda māna mānase |

kṛpā kaṭākṣa dhoraṇī niruddha durdharāpadi

kvacid digambare mano vinodametu vastuni || 3 ||


jaṭā bhujaṅga piṅgaḷa sphurat phaṇā maṇi prabhā

kadamba kuṅ-kumadrava pralipta digvadhūmukhe |

madāndha sindhura sphurat tvagut tarī yamedure

mano vinodam adbhutaṃ bibhartu bhūta bhartari || 4 ||

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