Way of the Yogi
The beating heart of Bhaje! is the duo Xanna Seto and Scott Wurtz. The first time they met and played together over 5 years ago it was obvious the musical alchemistry was just right. They have performed at many venues since, including Fluidity Festival , Folklife, Om Culture and yoga retreats and are currently working on their first album.  

Xanna Seto's deep roots in folk and rock and roll and her current study and practice of Indian Classical Music and Raaga give her a diverse background from which to draw her musical offerings. She plays tamboura and harmonium, with 20+ years of performance experience and soulful vocals that have a vibrant blend of earthy and ethereal qualities.
She writes the songs that Bhaje! performs, inspired by mythic archtypes, the wonder of the natural and super-natural worlds and the many beautiful individuals in her life whom she loves and admires. 

Scott Wurtz 
is an eclectic world music percussionist. Scott's presence and ability to listen deeply to the musical fabric allow for an expansive dialogue and creativity response with fellow musicians. As a practitioner of the Healing Arts, Scott brings heartfelt playfulness to the overall process of creating musical experiences.

We are thrilled to announce the addition of Richard Russell to our offering! Richard is a renowned disciple of the great Indian master musician Ali Akbar Khan. He plays the 25 string sarode as well as being a lead singer and seasoned composer of world music. He is the leader of the kirtan group "Shantikar" and also "The Richard Russell Group", a ground breaking world music ensemble. He has travelled and performed internationally and works with  top-tier artists from India, Canada, the Pacific Northwest and beyond.  He has been playing for over 30 years and we are deeply honored to be graced with his presence!
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